Flower Bouquets + Subscriptions

All Occasion Fresh Flower Bouquets

Cut Fresh Daily

Tell me the size, occasion, color scheme and I’ll take care of the rest.

Available in mason Jars, glass vases, tea pots and other unique vessels.

XL (35-40 stems)


L (25-30 stems)


M (20-25 stems)


S (10-15 stems)


CSA Flower Subscription

The CSA Flower Subscriptions connects consumers with the source of their flowers by putting a face to the flower farmer and designer behind each bouquet. One of the best parts of choosing a CSA Flower Subscription is that it allows for smaller, local communities to thrive and be supported.

What is our new CSA Flower Subscription?

A CSA flower subscription is simply a fancy name for a weekly bouquet that the customer pays for ahead of time for a set amount of weeks.

This pre-paid subscription does two things. First and foremost, it provides an income stream for the grower at a time of year when it’s very much needed – prior to the growing season, allowing growers to invest in seeds, plugs, and the equipment necessary for the operation.

Secondly, it also ensures that the grower commits to growing and the subscriber commits to purchasing. No debating or need to constantly push sales – there are a set number of subscriptions, and that’s it.  This year at Leslie’s Backyard Blooms we are going to offer a limited amount of CSA’s-  20 personal subscriptions and 5 business CSA subscriptions.

CSA subscription bouquets will be made before we fill the downtown cart, ensuring the first-choice flowers are in the subscription bouquets. 

CSA Subscription Rules

Depending on the growing season, we expect full CSA subscriptions will begin end of June and go through the end of September.  The half Season CSA will begin mid-August and go through the end of September.  If the gardens are still producing after September, bonus weeks will be provided but are not guaranteed.  Only 20 personal and 5 business CSA subscriptions will be sold in the 2022 growing season. 

  1. Subscriptions are to be paid for in full at the time of purchase.
  2. Pick up will be each Friday at 29 Pleasant Street, Greenville. 
  3. Delivery available within 5 miles of Greenville is available for an additional charge.
  4. Subscription bouquets are designers choice, you get what is designed that week.
  5. No custom requests are available.
  6. If you miss a week this are no credits offered.
Personal CSA Subscription, 15 – 20 Stems Weekly

Price does not include tax

Full Season paid before 4/20/2022


Full Season paid on or after 4/20/2022


Half Season paid before 4/20/2022


Half Season paid on or after 4/20/2022


Business CSA Subscription, 35 – 40 Stems Weekly

Only offered for a full season, this CSA is designed for businesses to use on Front Desks, Welcome Centers, Restaurant Tables, Cabins, Hotel Rooms, Bed and Breakfasts. The business CSA includes delivery and set up within 5 miles of Greenville.

Client should reach out to Leslie to discuss pricing and options.  (207)280-0633

Fresh Flower Bouquets

Holiday Fresh Balsam

Starting in October for custom designed wreaths, kissing balls, and garland.

Choose from multiple colored ribbons, decorations, and other holiday swag.  More information will be posted once the flower season winds down.